Special Events and Workshops

We are very happy annouce our collaboration with Rayuela Swing to welcome Shani Brown
for a Balboa workshop !! 25/26 of June 2022.

Shani hails from sunny southern California. She is best known for her fast, syncopated Balboa footwork, tight swing style and her soft connection - which has been said to feel like a ‘warm hug’. As an instructor, she strives to make dancing simple and effortless with a strong emphasis on combining foundational basics with the soft skills of connection and personal body awareness to develop one's own smooth flow and style.

For 20 years, Shani has dedicated herself to learning, preserving and sharing her love for Balboa and other social dances. She began swing dancing 1998 before moving to Orange County where she discovered a vibrant vintage swing community well connected to their local original dancers. She was immediately attracted to the fast footwork of Balboa and began frequenting the dance floors of first-generation dancers.

Shani is honored to have honed her social dance skills and footwork under the guidance of legendary dancers Willie Desatoff, Hal and Marge Takier, Bart Bartolo, Jack Carey and many others. And although she has competed, placed and won several major competitions, she mainly enjoys social dancing and inspiring others to love balboa and swing.

Watch her dance

Two days, 6h of classes, 1,5 of talk.

💫 Level 💫
Open (with experience): You dance or have danced Balboa regularly and feel comfortable on the dance floor. You have attended workshops before and are an avid social balboa dancer.

🌌 Schedule 🌌
⋇Saturday 25/06/2022⋇
10:30-14:00 Classes
(with break in between)
⋇Sunday 26/03/2022⋇
10:30-14:00 Classes
(with break in between)
14:00 - 15:00 Lunch Break
15:00 - 16:30 Suprise Talk : "Multicultural origines of Balboa & the sharing of new fotage from Bobby McGees put together by Lewis Orchard".

🌌 Social Dance Evenings🌌
☄Saturday Night organized by Berlin Hop
Swingtanzen macht froh!
☄Sunday Night organized by Bellmer Balboa
Bellmer Balboa with The Toolbox Orchestra LIVE

Please note that the evenings will be organized by those stated above. While our events will be in collaboration with each other, payment and attandence for the evenings will be external to us.

💸 Price 💸
Saturday Track (3h of classes): 50 euros
Sunday Track (3h of classes + talk): 60
Full track (6h of classes +1,5h talk): 100 euros
🦜Early bird price🦜
Register before 15/05/2022
Full track: 90 euros

📍Location of Classess📍
Werk36 Tanzschule

2G++ for classes (only vaccinated and recovered students with a fresh negative antigen test)
Disinfectant will be provided.
Fresh air will be circulated (windows open during class).
Contact information will be kept for 14 days

📩Register through 📩